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Essence Salon + Spa’s Products & Services in Cambridge

Welcome to Essence Salon + Spa, this is your day to feel great!

At Essence Salon + Spa, we are passionate about bringing you the greatest salon and spa services that Cambridge can offer. Our full service stylists provide men, women, seniors, and children with a variety of services to make your family look their very best!


Beauty Products + You

Specifically selected for beauty-enhancing performance the whole day through, Essence Salon + Spa presents our featured products, including:



Salon + Spa Offerings

Essence Salon + Spa offers an array of salon services that are specifically tailored to you. Whether you’re going for business casual, flashy, sporty, or total knockout, our stylists offer an extensive set of services to give you the look you’re after. 


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Red Hair Sleek Hairstyle
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